Packaging Projects

Welcome to my packaging projects page. Here are some things that I’ve worked on for my PKG 411 (Package Development Technology) class at Michigan State University for spring semester of 2017.

Programs used:

  • Esko Artios CAD
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Solidworks

Box of Candies (Lab 2)

This was one of the first lab projects we worked on. The task was to create a 3 or 5 sided package. I took my project to the next level by adding some graphics and placing a potential product inside. The concept of this package is hard candies in the shape of a heart. They would come in a paperboard carton in the shape of a pyramid with a window panel on the side so you can see the different colors and flavors of candy.

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Jacks Light (Lab 3)

This was a lab where we learned how to use the bounding box tool in Artios CAD. We had a funky lamp that needed a package and would able to hang on a display. The package also needed to have a cutout so the product could be seen. I chose to do this shape for a cutout because it resembled the look of the lamp. I then decided to add some fun graphics to my package to make it seem more realistic. I imagined the lamp would come in a variety of colors, so I wanted the package to be colorful as well.

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Hello Kitty Apple Chips (Lab 4)

In this lab, the task was to design graphics for a snack product that followed a theme which we got to choose from a list. I chose to do a spring theme. All of the graphics were image traced into vectors and arranged by me using Adobe Illustrator.

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