Wardrobe Wishlist

Thank you for visiting my wishlist page. Below are some dresses that I am actively seeking to add to my wardrobe. I’ve included the colors I would be interested in as well as if I would accept any other cuts. If by some miracle you are browsing this page and have a dress I’m seeking for sale, please use my “contact me” form and send me a message!

British Chocolate Bar Square Jumperskirt  Jane Marple 

Being a packaging major, I love dresses that have interesting packaging designs on them. These colorful, vibrant chocolate boxes are so adorable and fill me with inspiration. I would love this square JSK in any colorway.





Old Cat Poster Square Jumperskirt – Jane Marple
Old Catポスターのスクエアドレス J1662-456




Jane Marple’s Old Cat Poster dress is so cute and fun it was a must have for me when I saw it. The vintage style cat pictures melted my heart, and I just love the overall design. I would only be looking for any colorway of this dress.



Cat Candy Cami  Jumperskirt – Leur Getter 
『Cat Candy』プチリボン付キャミワンピース





This cat candy wrapper dress is so quirky, adorable and exactly the kind of thing I live for. I hope to one day own this dress in either Ivory or Mint.




Royal Cat Print Just Waist Switching Jumperskirt – Leur Getter  






These royal kitties will make anyone smile. I love the style of this art and the simplicity of the border pattern. I am looking to purchase this dress in any of the colorways!









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